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This grand old house, set in west central Illinois, with 4800square feet of living space plus basement and attic was built about 1891 to be on the cutting edge of architecture. It was designed and built by a New York architect. The house is for sale because renovation is not cost effective in a rural economic climate. It is very suitable for dismantling and reconstructing elsewhere. Its structure and architectural features, especially the entry foyer and front staircase with all the matching woodwork would also be excellent to be the center of a new house. The butternut woodwork with its matching doors with transoms, mantel and linen closet would make a wonderful presentation in any historical environment. This house has received very little modification since it was built, with the exception being the closing off of two bathrooms when complete indoor plumbing was available.
All ceilings in the living area are 10 feet. The attic is of ridgepole design. The southeast porch is a true gazebo porch with much of the original ceiling. The front porch is of rounded design with many of the original features. The first floor is wood siding over boxboard with a moulding to separate it from the second floor. The second floor is sided with shakes. The attic dormers with crests give it a very sophisticated, upscale look. The balconies below the windows and the 2 attic porches give it rarely seen character.
The large pocket doors with a different wood on each side add variety to set off a room from the rest of the house. The pocket doors, 3 doubles and 1 single are all in workable order. These pocket doors all match except one side of two of the double doors that is cherry. The doorjamb and woodwork of that side is also cherry.
The windows are precisely made. Many, but not all, of the sashes are original. The main floor windows have woodwork that extends to the floor. The three windows in the living room are made to appear seamless and go from wall to wall. They also have transoms above them. The windows are a variety of sizes and vary from room to room. The window frame and woodwork designs are different on each floor. Most of the windows have a triple groove interior shutter track.



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